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Day Care Programs and After School Programs


On sunny days our children enjoy our newly renovated fully equipped front and back safety-surfaced play yards. And when the weather is not so nice recreational games and activities are played in our spacious gymnasium. At Bloomingdale Day Care all programs and activities are specifically geared towards your child's age. Our curriculum has been carefully chosen and we believe from many years of experience to be one of the best. Parents are welcome to attend and observe anytime during school hours. We have our annual "Back to School Night" in October. All are welcome to meet and greet with our staff to discuss the upcoming school year. Parent conferences are encouraged twice a year.  We welcome any new ideas and suggestions from our parents.  Contact us today or use our Facts and Question page on this site for more information.

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Bloomingdale Day Care offers a preschool program based on center-based play and learning experiences. Our preschool classrooms provide curriculum that covers all content areas including literacy, math, social development, fine and large motor skills, scrience, art and more. We offer many program options to help meet your family's needs. Our Preschool programs include full-time, part-time, half days and nursery school options.

Sesame Room (transitonal 2's): Ages 30 months to 36+ months*

Bambi Room (Junior Pre-K): Ages 36 months to 48+ months*

Charlie Brown Room (Pre-K):  Ages 48 months to Kindergarten*

*In our preschool center, children are grouped together based on when they will start kindergarten.  This will be determined at the time of enrollment.

Call our day care and nursery school in Bloomingdale, New Jersey, for day care programs, and after school programs.

Infant Corner
Our state-of-the-art Babies, Bunnies, and Bears program offers your child a small group setting separated by his or her age. This is a specialized loving, nurturing environment.

Babies (young infants): Ages 6 weeks to 10 months*
Bears (mobile infants): 10 months to 18 months*
Bunnies (toddlers): 18 months to 30 months*

Every parent receives a daily sheet outlining your child's activities throughout the day. We have telephones in each room and parents are encouraged to call throughout the day to see how their children are doing. We also feature separate rooms for the infant care. Call Bloomingdale Day Care and Nursery School of Bloomingdale, New Jersey, today for more information.

*These ages are approximate.  The decision to advance an infant from one classroom to another is not only based on age, but the development of the baby.  A baby may be moved up ealier or later than indicated.

Call our day care and nursery school in Bloomingdale, New Jersey,
for day care programs, and after school programs.

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