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Our Programs

Bloomingdale Day Care offers three different programs to meet the needs of the families in our community.  At our Main Street location, Bloomingdale Day Care offers an Infant and Toddler program divided into three specific age groups for our youngest students.  At the same location, we offer an inclusive day care and preschool program for our two-and-a-half-, three-, and four-year-old students.  We also offer after-school care for the Bloomingdale Public Schools located at the Martha B. Day School and the Samuel R. Donald School.  Busing is provided from the Walter T. Bergen School to the after-school program.

Infant and Toddler Program

Our Infant and Toddler program offers your child a small group setting based on his or her age.  This is a specialized, loving, nurturing environment for our youngest students.

  • Babies (young infants): 6 weeks to 10 months*
  • Bears (mobile infants): 10 months to 18 months*
  • Bunnies (toddlers): 18 months to 30 months*

Every child goes home with a daily sheet outlining his or her activities throughout the day.  We have a telephone in each room and parents are encouraged to call at any time to see how their child is doing.

Special Programs: Sing-A-Song music program with Miss Katie on Wedensday mornings! 

This interactive music program is geared to our youngest students.  Parents are welcome to attend!

*These ages are approximate.  The decision to advance an infant from one classroom to another is not only based on age, but by the development of the baby.  A baby may be moved up earlier or later than indicated.

Preschool Program

Bloomingdale Day Care offers a preschool program built on center-based play and leaning experiences.  Our preschool classrooms provide curriculum that covers all content areas including literacy, math, social development, fine and large motor skills, science, art and more.  We offer many program options to help meet your family's needs.  Our preschool programs include full-time, part-time, half-days and nursery school options.

  • Sesame Room (transitional 2's): 30 months to 36+ months*
  • Bambi Room (junior Pre-K): 36 to 48+ months*
  • Charlie Brown Room (Pre-K): 48 months to Kindergarten*

*In our preschool center, children are grouped together based on when they will start kindergarten.

Special Programs

In addition to an exciting curriculum and fun classroom activities, we offer the following programs to enhance our program:

Included in tuition:

  • Summer Camp
  • Music Program with Miss Geri
  • Art Show
  • Science Fair
  • S.T.E.M. program with Miss Kathi for our Pre-K 4 Students
  • Preschool Graduation
  • Spirit Weeks
  • Holiday Celebrations and Programs
  • Other Community Outreach Opportunities

Extracurricular Activities not included in tuition:

  • Dance Class with Kids Dance Caravan (at the center)
  • Field Trips

After-School Program

Bloomingdale Day Care runs the after-school program for the school-aged children in our community.  Students in grades K-1 attend the after-school program at the Martha B. Day School in the multi-purpose room.  Students in grades 2 - 5 attend the after-school program at the Samuel R. Donald School in the cafeteria.  Busing from the Walter T. Bergen School is provided for students in 5th grade.  If enrollment permits, students in 6th grade may attend the after-school program.

Our goal is to provide children a “home away from home” after a long day of school.  There is a balance of structured activities and free time.  Students spend time playing outside and in the gym.  Homework time is provided for children to work on homework.  Students enjoy speeding time socializing and making new friends. 

Our after-school program is fully licensed by the state.  All of our after-school teachers are fully-certified, complete criminal background checks and fingerprinting, are First Aid and CPR trained, and attend annual training geared towards caring for school-aged children.

The after-school program is open until 6:00 p.m. on all days that the school is open, including half days.  We follow the Bloomingdale Public School’s calendar as far as holidays, breaks and other days off.

Contact the main office at Bloomingdale Day Care and Nursery School for more information about the after-school program, pricing, and to find out how to enroll your student.

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